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As you might guess from our previous post, we’ve been rather busy with our family pet’s heath issue. We haven’t had the time to research and craft new articles for you here, unfortunately. The good news is, four months later our dog is hopping around the barrio with plenty of spirit and good strength after the chemotherapy thanks to the excellent and affordable veterinary care in Uruguay. So life is getting back to normal, we hope for as long as possible.

Centro in Montevideo

Centro in Montevideo

Though we haven’t had time to write full posts here at our main website, we have been regularly posting short items and interesting links about Uruguay expat living, opportunities in Uruguay, and the overall feel of living on the Uruguayan coast in a resort town, at our Facebook Page. So join us there too!

We do expect to have some new, detailed articles for you, including resuming our “Uruguay Basics” series, by the end of this month.

Meanwhile see you on our social networks – our Facebook page which just got its 1000th “Like” this week (thank you!), and our Uruguay Expat Life Community, where anyone with any kind of Google ID (your Android, Gmail, YouTube, etc.) can join in to start your own topics and interact with the 500+ other members. They’re at and

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News about our pet greyhound fighting cancer in Uruguay


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Our pet greyhound dog, Whistler, has been in our family since 2009, and has made his way from North Carolina in USA’s South, to the Seattle area in the Pacific Northwest, then to Colorado in the US Rocky Mountains. Finally to Uruguay in Sept 2009 and we’ve chronicled some of his adventures on our blogs, social media, and personal sites.

Greyhound dog with amputated right front leg, in blue compression bandage, outdoors

Two days after his amputation surgery, Whistler enjoys the Uruguayan outdoors at the vet clinic.

Now he’s fighting osteosarcoma – a terrible cancer that destroys bones and can spread to the entire system. The good news is that Uruguay has excellent veterinary care. He just had surgery to amputate the cancerous leg, survived, and is about to come back home now as a tripod dog. Read more about Whistler’s fight at our new site for him, Whistler the Greyhound – El Galgo Estadosunidense.

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Twitter Profile and cover imageIt’s been a great November, and it’s not even over. Thank you to all our new followers across our site and social media network for Uruguay Expat Life / Uruguay For Me. Between new email subscribers to this website (you can sign up directly from our sidebar) who get every post in their inbox, new RSS subscribers, new members of our Uruguay Expat Life Community forum, new followers of our @UruguayForMe Twitter, new people who’ve followed our Google+ Pages for Uruguay For Me (the more “just the facts” page) and Uruguay Expat Life (the more open-ended and personal/anecdotal one) in their G+ Circles, and new Facebook Page followers, that’s well over 100 new people this month.

Uruguay Expat Life - Community - Google+ 20141120 410 membersOur, no, your, Community, broke through to more than 400 members this week, after less than a year and a half in existence. Our Facebook Page broke through over 800 people who Liked and Followed it, and one of our posts got well over 700 people reached, with no “pay to play” to Facebook for you to be able to see it. That’s due to your interest, sharing, and engagement with our articles and posts. Lots of new Twitter followers, several new people Circling our Google+ Pages (those Pages are not the same thing as our Google Community – the Community is where you can post your own questions and topics!)

We’re grateful, looking forward to hearing from you in our free Community, in your emails via our Contact Us form, as comments on our Facebook and G+ Page posts, and in your replies and retweets to our Tweets. Also remember, there’s a Comment section at the bottom of every article on this website, and it uses the same ID you already probably have for commenting on so many other sites on the web.

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, , , logoWe’re proud to have partnered with globally known and highly respected discount hotel booking service to provide you with one-stop convenience for booking all your hotels for your Uruguay visit. Starting today, you can book hotels in Uruguay, or anywhere in the world, right from our site. Use the banner ad above to go directly to‘s main website, or the handy search box in our sidebar. We’ve helpfully pre-populated it to search for hotels in Uruguay, but you can change that to any country, city, region, or attraction you like.

We, Lisa Mercer and Mark Mercer, have used many times ourselves, both for our original exploration of Uruguay back in mid-2011, our so-called Uruguay Reality Check trip, and for the hotel stays before and after our temporary seasonal rental here in Atlántida. We’ve used other services, and many of them also are good, Continue reading »

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